Tribunal Is the name given to the Church Courts. The Tribunal or the Court renders judgments and the request or and on behalf of the people seeking justice. All of the Christian faithful have access to the courts to vindicate and defend their rights. In Actual practice, the Diocesan Tribunals are involved primarily with marriage cases. In the Church first grade refers to the Diocesan Tribunals, the second grade refers to the Tribunal of appeal and the third and further grades refers to the tribunals of Roman Rota. The Diocesan Tribunal is the court of the Bishop. The Judicial Vicar directs the Diocesan Court and in larger dioceses he is often assisted by the Associate Judicial Vicar. Our Archdiocesan Tribunal has been a model Tribunal for several years in the Region under the abled leaderships of Rev Fr C M Joseph and Rev Dr Peter Thumma. It has served thousands of couples so far to get reconciled or get their marriages declared null and void.


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