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Bishop’s Speaks




Dear friends in Christ Jesus,
During this month of August, we celebrate the feasts of two mothers:
        1. The Feast of our Mother Mary: Assumption
        2. The Feast of our Mother Land: 71st Independence Day

Both these feasts are centered on ‘Freedom’.
        1. Our Mother Mary is liberated from mortality and this earthly pilgrimage to reach a new realm of freedom in eternity.
        2. Our Mother Land is liberated from the oppressive structures of a foreign nation and takes a new birth as a republic nation


      I would like to bring to your attention that the search for freedom in both the cases, our Mother Mary and our Mother Land followed the path of PRO-ACTIVE SILENCE. Therefore I would like to reflect with you this month on the path of pro-active silence to freedom.


        God liberated the Virgin Mary from the taint of original sin from the moment she was conceived in the womb of her mother St Anne. This was opening act of God’s liberative plan of Salvation through his Son. Sin, which held the human race captive, since the time of our first parents is defeated in the immaculate conception of our Blessed Mother. Therefore the Angel Gabriel proclaims, “Hail Mary, full of Grace!” Mother Mary’s grace is reflected in her freedom from the stain of sin, in God’s protection at the very moment of her conception. Therefore, Poet William Wordsworth describes our Mother as “our tainted nature’s solitary boast.”


        Observe God’s liberative plan of salvation for his creation; there wasn’t much glamour, no pomp, nothing! In the simplicity and the pro-active silence of Mother Mary’s Immaculate Conception, hidden from the glare and stare of the world, God begins his act of liberation, freedom and salvation.


        The freedom of our Mother Land was also achieved with this same Pro-active silence. Jawaharlal Nehru, in his first speech as India’s first Prime Minister at midnight on August 14, 1947 said, “Before the birth of freedom we have endured all the pains of labour and our hearts are heavy with the memory of this sorrow. Some of those pains continue even now. Nevertheless, the past is over and it is the future that beckons to us now.”


Our Mother Land attained her freedom through the path of Nonviolent struggle, a silent revolution of peace and love. Our freedom fighters gained liberty not by killing but by willingly and silently offering themselves


Yes, the freedom of our Mother Land and the freedom of our Mother Mary were attained through the path of Pro-active silence. May our individual search for freedom too, follow this path of pro-active silence and faith. May our Lady of Assumption intercede for us.


With prayerful wishes,



Archbishop George Antonysamy.